Design Tool Inc.- DC Electric Screwdrivers

Product Announcement from Design Tool, Inc.

Design Tool, Inc. has always had the capability to intergrate auto feed screwdriving with DC Electric tools. The DTI 5000 auto feed screwdriving sytem can be used in conjunction with DC Electric tools to meet your autofeed needs for joint critical applications. The DTI 5000 can be built on most major brands of DC Electric screwdriving systems. The complete system gives the customer the reliability and repeatability of automatic screwdriving along with the ability to control, monitor, collect, and evaluate data critical to the fastening process, such as: torque, angle, revolutions, and joint integrity(stripping, cross threading). Industries that use joint monitoring are automotive, aerospace, military, LED lighting, medical, electronics, etc. For more information on this Smart System from Design Tool, Inc. please call us at 800-627-3674. Design Tool, Inc. is your partner in automation needs with the best products, prices, and customer support!