Screwdriver Platen Assembly Video

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Screwdriver Platen Assembly

IR Controller with Platen an Bowl Feeder Video:

Design Tool Inc. offers Screwdriver Platen Assemblies with feed systems to machine builders or manufacturers for integration into assembly machines or robotic cells. DTI can supply single or multiple spindle platens depending upon the application, with a corresponding feed system to feed the required number of screwdrivers. The platens feature linear bearings matched to the driver selection for torque and weight. The platen assemblies can be built on both pneumatic and DC Electric drivers for added versatility. Other options include drive-to-depth to control the seating depth of the fastener, and vertical thrusters for raising and lowering the platen assembly to the work.

The platens can be manufactured from aluminum or steel depending upon the weight requirement, and magnetic piston cylinders are supplied to provide machine builders the option to use solid state switches to signal cylinder location. Quick change clevis assemblies are also used to connect the cylinder to the driver and bearing assembly to facilitate driver bit changes. The barrel and collet assemblies are custom designed for each fastener and application to insure that the fastener is inserted correctly. Hose brackets are typically provided to control the feed tube to keep it out of the range of motion of the driver assembly.

Design Tool Inc. offers the machine builder the option of controlling the platen, or having the platen operation be controlled by the DTI PLC. This flexibility allows the machine builder to determine which strategy will work best in their machine. When paired with a DTI bowl feed system, the platen assemblies offer a machine builder a complete and versatile package to feed and drive fasteners.

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