Highest Quality Gas Springs for the OEM

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Gas spring production is a highly competitive market with only a few innovative, high quality manufacturers who can do the job right. Destek Gas Springs is one of the few. What makes us different? We are committed to excellent quality and innovative ideas for the customer. Destek Gas Springs takes pride "supporting" our customers and making them competitive in their markets by solving their problems as well. For many years now, we have not only been a supplier of gas springs but have also been proud of becoming an active partner with our customers.

Lifting, Lowering, Moving


The "Lift" type is our most popular gas spring. A standard Lift type gas spring works on counterbalance basis, i.e. the extension force balances the weight to be lifted, positioned or lowered. They meet the highest worldwide standards for lifting, counter-balancing, lowering, tilting and damping lids and covers.
There are thousands of applications where the Lift type can be used. The most known are on the car hatchbacks and engine hoods, on furniture, machinery, etc. A wide range of size options are available covering rod diameters from 3 mm to 30 mm, tube diameters from 8 mm to 70 mm and extension force (F1-N) from 10N to 10,000N allowing you to have your own individual Gas Spring.


A gas spring is an energy-storage device filled with nitrogen. A gas spring stores energy by compressing the nitrogen gas within the gas spring. While the gas spring is compressed, the gas chamber volume is reduced due to the intrusion of the shaft into the gas spring tube; thereby causing the gas pressure to rise-storing more energy.

"Lifting" and "Adjusting"

In comparison to our "Lift" type gas spring the added feature of the Blocklift is an internal locking mechanism, which allows the gas spring to be locked at any desired position. This locking mechanism is activated by operating the "release pin", located either at the end of the piston rod or on the tube end. While the release pin is pressed, the locking function is released and the Blocklift works like a normal gas spring on counterbalance basis. Now, the piston rod can extend or can be pushed in as force is applied to the system. As soon as the pressure on the release pin is taken off, the locking mechanism locks immediately causing the Blocklift to stay in that position.

Common applications of Blocklifts are;

    • Back rest adjustment of passenger seats on buses, train seats and office chairs
    • Various adjustments on hospital beds and massage tables
    • Height adjustments on tables, desktop systems and school desks
    • Various adjustments on wheelchairs

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