Filtration Media and Support Elements

Product Announcement from Dexmet Corporation

Filtration, Separation, Purification and Membrane Support with MicroGrid® Expanded Metal Foils and PolyGrid® Expanded Plastics

Separation and purification are key criteria for industries that process water, food & beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Dexmet custom manufactures all MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® materials with a multitude of open area alternatives and pore sizes to provide a more controlled flow rate for your filtration application and chemical processing.

Dexmet materials are primarily used as membrane supports in pleated filter cartridges.If your filter application has a critical upstream/downstream or cross flow requirement, our pore sizes range from .001" - 1.00". Our Engineering Department works with you to develop the optimum design to improve liquid flow rate, air flow, strength, and particle retention.