Dexter LifeSep™ Magnetic Separators

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Dexter’s highly engineered line of microtiter plate magnetic separators have been designed with efficiency and the user in mind.  For use in cell sorting, RNA and DNA isolation and purification of biomolecules, these separation devices offer fast and easy aspiration in part because of our innovative Neodymium-Iron-Boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnet configuration.

These units are designed to accommodate industry standard microtiter plates. Separation speeds remain virtually constant throughout entire fill volume assisted by multiple separation zones along the well axis. Each separator performs the function of two to three single volumetrically optimized separators while increasing test speeds and lowering overall costs. Our LifeSep™ technology is simple and easy to use with the most established protocols.

View datasheet for LifeSep® 96DR.

View datasheet for LifeSep® 96DS.

  • Patented Nd-Fe-B magnet configuration for optimal results
  • Backlight enhancement for greater visual contrast
  • 400% faster than conventional post separators
  • Open-faced design for clear visibility
  • Rapid separation of micro- and nanometer beads
  • Easy aspiration
  • Superior particle retention
  • Multiple separation zones

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