Magnetic Couplings

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At Dexter, we excel at designing, manufacturing and delivering magnetic assemblies. We are the magnet industry’s leading provider of custom magnetic couplings. We offer three types of couplings: synchronous, eddy, and hysteresis.

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Prototyping for your coupling is a critical step to ensure the magnetic solution meets your needs and requirements. At Dexter, our rapid prototyping service combines deep expertise and ingenuity with dedicated equipment to get you what you need in the time frame you need it.

Orders for custom couplings progress through two stages: feasibility and engineering.

In the feasibility stage, we work with you to discuss necessary design/manufacturing information (if an NDA is required for information transfer, one will be initiated). At the end of the feasibility phase, you will have an understanding of the technical suitability and estimate of costs.

If the estimates provided in the feasibility study are suitable, a formal quote will be created for you that includes engineering fees (sometimes assessed before starting the design process).  The design process is interactive and will involve regular communication with our engineers to assure conformity to your needs.

After the feasibility process, we will create and internally test prototypes for conformity to dimensional specifications and force/torque requirements.

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