Sealed bearings are preferred over the unsealed alternative, but why is that? Why should sealed bearings be considered over unsealed bearings? What are the benefits of sealed ball bearings?

  • Worry-free Lubrication
  • No Contact
  • Self-Contained
Worry-Free Lubrication

Unsealed ball bearings require lubrication regularly. If lubrication is not completed regularly, you are faced with the issue of failure. Sealed bearings however, do not need lubrication. This in turn, eliminates the process of lubrication, and thus results in saving time on labor. This is especially ideal when the bearings are located in hard-to-reach areas of a gearbox or machine.

Sealed bearings also provide the advantage of no accidental over-lubrication. Unsealed bearings are subject to failure in many instances from over-lubrication. It’s recommended to avoid adding a grease fitting or add grease into the bearings. By marking the machine, it will allow for technicians working on the machine to also avoid lubricating the sealed bearings.