While most servo applications use inline gear heads, many can benefit from right angle configuration. It allows the motor to be tucked in next to the machine frame, instead of sticking out in the aisle.

When talking most gearhead suppliers, all they have to offer is the typical two-stage bevel and planetary design. While that is a good selection in some instances – after all, we offer them too – they are just more expensive than some want to pay.

Take a look at our servo worm. It can offer lower backlash in a smaller space, at less cost. With three levels of backlash to choose from and several output shaft options, there’s just more flexibility. Now that’s a valued combination that makes selected a right angle design an easy decision.

Check out all the bullet points highlighting features and benefits or better yet, give us a call. One of our product specialists will discuss with you your design parameters and performance needs to help select the model, ratio, shaft connection option and backlash level that makes the most sense. We look forward to hearing from you!