BKL - Zero Backlash Bellows Couplings

Product Announcement from DieQua Corporation

The R+W bellow coupling offers zero backlash, low inertia, and high torsional rigidity. This coupling series is available in a wide variety of sizes and connection configurations.


•Torque capacities from 0.1 - 10,000Nm

•Bore size from 1 - 180 mm

•Inch bores available

Features and Benifits:

•Zero Backlash - Provides exact position and rotary motion.

•High Torsional Rigidity - Maintains exact position when starting and stopping.

•Low Inertia - Allows faster acceleration and deceleration with lower torque.

•Compensates Misalignment - Allows axial, lateral, and angular misalignment for easier mounting.

•Multiple Connections - Split hub clamping, conical hub clamping, or the unique axial taper fit connection provide maximum design versatility in inch or metric bores.

•Maintenance Free - No moving parts means unlimited life with proper mounting.

•Available in stainless steel.