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Precision Planetary Servo Gearheads

Featured Product from DieQua Corporation

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In this video we take a look at the ServoFoxx line of gearheads from Tandler. The ServoFoxx line includes the Hypoid, the Series PL2FS, the SKP2FS2, the PSK2FS, the FS2 and the P-Series.

Servo gearheads provide mechanical advantage by multiplying motor torque while reducing the driven load’s reflected inertia back to the motor.

DieQua offers the widest range of gear technologies providing optimal solutions far beyond the capabilities of other gearhead suppliers.

The ServoFoxx line of Tandler servo gearheads come in a variety of styles, from inline to right angle gearhead options. These servo gearhead options offer the ultimate in precision motion control.

Industries that are best suited for these ServoFoxx gearheads include Aerospace, Communications, Factory Automation, Machine Tooling, Medical, Packaging and more!