48V Power Bus Bar Connectors-Cables Assemblies

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TE Connectivity AMP's 48 V power bus bar connectors and cable assemblies for Open Compute Project (OCP) reduce cost through lower power consumption and simple design. This solution was designed to meet next-generation 48 V application requirements including Open Rack Standard V2.0 reference designs.

These connectors allow for a single vertical bus bar to be used in the rack, simplifying the overall system design and lowering product cost. The 48 V solutions also enable lower power consumption than 12 V solutions. The same connectors and cable assemblies can be used in a variety of data center applications including power, BBU, and cubby shelves, meaning fewer types of products need to be purchased.

  • Connectors and cable assemblies specifically designed for Open Rack Standard V2.0
  • Allow for a single vertical bus bar to be used in the rack, lowering overall system cost
  • 48 V solutions use less power than 12 V solutions, therefore lowering system operating cost
  • Better heat dissipation provides lower power consumption, saving overall power consumption costs
  • Lower profiles and better contact resistance enable lower overall power consumption in the data center
  • Variety of power connectors can be used to create custom cable assemblies
  • Servers
  • Storage devices
  • Base stations
  • RRUs
  • BBUs