AMS AS8579 Capacitive Sensor

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ams' AS8579 is a capacitive sensor that detects the change of capacity in different applications. The capacitive sensor measures the impedance that originates between a conducting surface (metallic object) and a human being. The IC captures the current of a metal object and applies algorithms to determine the capacitive and resistive information. The outcome information can be read through an SPI interface that can be also used for IC configuration. This high-precision performance sensor also supports a multitude of diagnostic features that meet standard functional safety requirements. The capacitive sensing IC is specifically designed to function in an electro-magnetic environment (EMC) with high magnetic disturbances. This allows the sensor to distinguish in a hands-on application if the driver's hand is on the steering wheel or not. The AS8579 is available in a SSOP24 package and operates at a supply voltage of 5 V.

  • I/Q-signal demodulation
  • Up to 10 independent measurement lines possible (10 SEN lines)
  • VAR&FIX_SEN function to avoid parasitic influences from cable and PCB
  • Designed according to functional safety standards
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified
  • Autonomous driving applications e.g.: hands-on steering wheel detection
  • Detection of any human presence inside a vehicle, e.g.: seat occupancy detection
  • Detection of any human presence exterior of vehicles e.g.: automatic trunk opener (trunk opens automatically and touchless by detection of the human foot near the sensor only)
  • Fluid level sensing for automotive and consumer applications: levels of fuel, water, coffee, and many more
AS8579 Capacitive Sensor