DS28E50 DeepCover®

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Maxim's DS28E50 DeepCover secure hash algorithm 3 (SHA3-256) authenticator IC allows embedded systems designers to easily and cost-effectively integrate advanced crypto-strong authentication into their designs. With SHA3-256, the DS28E50 delivers the latest technology for challenge-and-response authentication, providing a strong defense against counterfeiting, unauthorized usage, and other application problems in a secure IC solution suited for teams with limited or no cryptography expertise.


  • Cost-effective, crypto-strong security: the FIPS 202-compliant SHA3-256 implementation provides a cost-effective, less-complex way to implement highly advanced, secure challenge/response authentication to defend against counterfeiting and monitor or limit peripheral usage. ChipDNA PUF technology strongly protects all device-stored sensitive data from security attacks
  • Ease of implementation: single-contact, 1-Wire® communication simplifies interface to end application. The IC includes secured EEPROM for end-application data with multiple configurable and irreversible memory protection modes. No device-level firmware development is required (firmware is needed for the host-side microcontroller). In addition, a factory programming service is available for simplified secure key management
  • Tiny, low-power, rugged package: the IC requires just 3.3 V, operates from -40°C to +85°C, includes ±8 kV human-body model (HBM) electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and is housed in a 6-pin, 3 mm x 3 mm TDFN package
  • Authentication of medical sensors and tools
  • IoT node authentication
  • Peripheral authentication
  • Printer cartridge identification and authentication
  • Reference design license management
  • Secure management of limited use consumables