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MediPlas™ Reactor and MediPlas Driver

Featured Product from DigiKey

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In the medical segment, EPCOS' MediPlas system is best suited for sterilization and disinfection. Appliances with MediPlas Reactors and MediPlas Drivers can reduce the concentration of pathogens in contact with contaminated surfaces like medical equipment, masks, and tubing. The applications do not require expensive vacuum equipment or toxic chemicals, making their use cost effective and environmentally friendly. Medical devices and equipment can be sterilized easily and effectively by integrating MediPlas Reactor and MediPlas Driver into appliances.

  • High ozone concentration
  • Low gas flow and low power consumption
  • Stability in long-term operation
  • Active cooling
  • Easy power control
  • Low thermal signature
  • Cost effective
  • Small size
  • Simple integration into appliances