STMicro VIPER222 High-Voltage Converters

Featured Product from Digi-Key Electronics

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STMicroelectronics' VIPER222 belongs to the VIPerPlus HV converters family. It embeds a jittered PWM controller and a 730 V avalanche rugged power section. Its 30 VDC drain-start voltage allows an ultra-wide line input voltage range and enhances flexibility in numerous consumer and industrial applications. Its high versatility allows it to be used in the most commonly used HV converter topologies (isolated flyback with photocoupler or PSR, non-isolated flyback with direct feedback, buck, and buck-boost) adopting a very minimal bill of materials (BOM) thanks to its high integration level (error amplifier, sense FET, HV start-up) and wide VCC supply voltage range.


  • Small package and limited number of pins to build minimal BOM SMPS
  • Ultra-low power-supply consumption: 30 mW standby at 265 V and low EMI, easily meets all energy efficiency regulations and helps to achieve high efficiency
  • Jittered frequency, reduces EMI filter cost and helps meet the EN550022 class B specification
  • High-voltage start-up eliminates auxiliary winding, enables design without auxiliary winding in case of flyback converter, saves cost for very low-power SMPS