Versatile Link Fiber Optic Receiver: AFBR-2521CZ

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The AFBR-25x1CZ receiver consists of an IC with an integrated photodiode providing a TTL logic families compatible output. In combination with the Broadcom AFBR-15x9Z or AFBR-16x9Z transmitter any type of signal from DC up to 5MBd at distances up to 50 meters with 1mm 0.5NA POF and 500 meters with 200µm 0.37NA PCS is supported. The receiver is a 4-pin device, packed in Versatile Link housing. Versatile Link components can be interlocked (N-plexed together) to minimize space and to provide dual connections with the duplex connectors. Various simplex and duplex connectors, as well as POF cables are available for Versatile Link components. Please contact Broadcom for details or visit our company website at AFBR-25x1CZ devices have inverted output signals means that light_on will lead to Data_out low.