StudSeal™ Hermetic Feedthroughs from Douglas

Product Announcement from Douglas Electrical Components

StudSeal™ Hermetic Feedthroughs from Douglas-Image

StudSeal™ hermetic feedthroughs are used in vacuum or pressure applications where high current or high voltages penetrate a barrier. These customized connector seals allow for easy specification and mounting and are pretested and shipped to the customer directly.

  • The StudSeal™ hermetic feedthrough product family offers a selection of solid copper, heavy-current conductors sealed in a wide variety of standard housing styles and materials.
  • These hermetically sealed studs are primarily used for the transfer of power into and out of a sealed environment at operational loads up to 1000amps and 15kV.
  • StudSeal feedthroughs can seal high-pressure or high-vacuum environments, and are compatible with a large variety of liquids and gases including the latest refrigerants, oils, heat transfer fluids and jet fuels.

    • Air conditioning and refrigeration compressors
    • Compressors
    • Heater circuits
    • Magnetic bearing flywheels
    • Power distribution equipment
    • Pumps
    • Transformers
    • Vacuum furnaces
    1. Semiconductor Processing Equipment
    2. X-Ray Equipment
    3. Electric Power