TEQUATIC PLUS Solves Difficult Water Challenges

Product Announcement from Dow Water & Process Solutions

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The TEQUATIC™ PLUS fine particle filter, with its innovative design, opens the door to lower cost of ownership for treating difficult water.  The TEQUATIC PLUS filter:

  • Combines the power of continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one simple device.
  • Is designed to process a wide range of difficult-to-treat feedwaters – with total suspended solids (TSS) of up to 10,000 mg/L, including low density solids and solids in the presence of oil.
  • Offers a cost-effective, reliable solution to traditional filtration technologies, facilitating high uptime, consistent performance and a small footprint (e.g. less space, higher water recovery, and less disposal of consumables).

The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is specifically engineered to help solve difficult water challenges, cost-effectively and reliably. You can expect a product that:

  • Consistently tolerates very high and highly variable TSS up to  10,000 mg/L
  • Requires little attention and maintenance
  • Minimizes the handling, waste and disposal concerns of traditional filters
  • Typically achieves >99% water recovery
  • Typically delivers 2-3 times the capacity of other technologies in a given footprint
  • Is fully backed by the world-class expertise of Dow Water & Process Solutions

The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is designed to lower your total cost of ownership. This ground-breaking product helps:

  • Enable high uptime
  • Enhance operator productivity
  • Reduce capital and operational costs
  • Keep downstream assets safe and operational

As a single-unit device, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter can make your life easier. It is designed to:

  • Reduce upsets and surprises
  • Enhance process performance
  • Simplify processing with a constant filtrate flow and pressure
  • Install and operate with ease
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