Laminates Made with Nomex® Paper

Product Announcement from DuPont™ Nomex® Energy Solutions

Laminates Made with Nomex® Paper-Image

Utilized by various manufacturers in the production of laminates, Nomex® paper is ideally suited to a variety of temperature ranges and applications. Available from authorized distributors, laminates made with Nomex® paper are used to create high-integrity electrical insulation for motors, generators and transformers. DuPont can provide source lists of companies that manufacture these products upon request. Please contact us if you are interested.

The following are examples of laminates produced by manufacturers utilizing Nomex® brand paper.

Laminate Type NM
NM is a two-ply laminate of Nomex® and polyester film. These thin and slick laminates are cost effective and are an outstanding alternative to polyester-based products.

Laminate Types NMN and NMNE
NMN and NMNE are three-ply laminates with polyester film between two layers of Nomex® brand paper. They are broadly used in the manufacture and remanufacture of medium and large Class F and Class H motors.

Laminate Type NMNM
NMNM is a four-ply laminate, similar to NMN, with a thin polyester film on one side to improve insertion characteristics; NMNM is most often used in applications that require extra slickness and stiffness.

Laminate Type NK and Laminate Type NKN
NK and NKN are two and three-ply laminates, similar to NM and NMN, that are constructed with polyimide film rather than polyester film and are typically found in motors and generators that operate in excess of Class H temperature requirements.