Digital-Delay/Pulse Generator –BNC Model 575

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Digital-Delay/Pulse Generator –BNC Model 575-Image

The Model 575 is a multi-channel pulse generator and digital delay generator in
a single bench top instrument. Two instruments can be side-by-side in a single rack mount.
A true pulse generator provides independent control of rate, delay and width with an external trigger. The 575 is the only multi-channel unit to permit differing rates for all the channels.

With the BNC Model 575 there are a wide range of options,such as: adjustable output of either 20 or 35V; optical output of either 820nm or 1300nm; dual trigger output; and GPIB and Ethernet communications. For those needing the popular RS232 and USB communications package, this is standard with either of the two, four or eight channel models.


  • 250pS delay and width resolution, on all eight channels
  • 50pS channel Jitter/800pS external jitter
  • Independent clock rates for each channel
  • Clock In &Clock Out
  • Programmable (Ethernet) USB/RS232/GPIB
  • Combine Electrical and Optical Outputs

Typical Applications

  • Trigger, Gate, Delay, Pulse or Sync experiments or LASERs
  • Sync to an External Clock
  • Master/Slave or Multiple Unit Slave: Complex Burst Functions


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