Measurement of Ground Electrode Systems

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The EM-4055 earth tester is a digital, microprocessor controlled instrument that allows to measure the earth resistance and ground resistivity (using Wenner´s method), as well as to detect parasitic voltages present in the ground.

This instrument is suitable to measure earth systems in power substations, industries, distribution networks, etc., (according to IEC 61557-5)


  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Ground resistivity (Wenner's method)
  • High spurious voltage rejection
  • Spurious voltage measurement
  • 0,01O resolution
  • Up to 20KO resistance range
  • Auto-range
  • Alphanumerical display
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Automatic interference detection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in printer (optional)
  • Direct reading of ground resistivity
  • Up to 50m selectable distance
  • 4000 readings memory
  • RS-232 data output
  • IP-54 protection
  • CE mark

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