Why Use Automated Ball and Butterfly Valves?

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Why Use Automated Ball and Butterfly Valves?

Any piping system with valves which are subject to the following conditions or concerns will be excellent candidates for automated valves.


  • Valves that are in elevated areas and difficult to reach, such as a piping galley or on the side of a tank are concerns for safety. Not just because they may require crawling out on a pipe or some other structure, but climbing outdoor ladders in winter during icy conditions can create hazards and be dangerous.
  • Valves that are operated on the other side of busy or hazardous thoroughfares from the main plant can have safety concerns. Railroad tracks that divide a plant from the main operations can be a hazard to maintenance personnel.
  • Hazardous gases that could leak, or any valve that is better operated from a distance due to heat, explosives, or other hazards in the general area are potential applications. Fail-safe spring return actuated valves may help meet safety standards required by law.
  • Valves that must be cycled regardless of weather conditions such as lightning storms, hail, or high winds.
  • Valves that can feed combustible materials to a fire or could be used to contain a fire and need to be cycled quickly.
  • Valves installed underground in manways where hazardous gases can gather unexpectedly.
  • Any application that could cause harm to personnel simply because of location or hazardous material in the line or area.

Cost of Manpower:

  • Valves that require frequent or rapid opening and closing are excellent candidates for automation. Often it is difficult to do a manual operation in a timely manner. Due to the difficulty in turning some valves it becomes impossible to keep up with frequent manual operation. These valves should be automated valves.
  • Valves that must cycle before or after another event has occurred are strong possibilities for automation. These types of systems can easily be automated so that the sequence happens with little or no manual input. Using limit switches or relays allows a whole series of events to occur based on a preceding event.

Remote Locations:

Valves which are some distance away from the operator who must cycle the valve should be automated. Today, automated ball and butterfly valves can be operated hundreds and even thousands of miles away from the control room. Using telephone, radio frequency and other such hard wire and wireless control signals a plant can now get almost instant response from their remote valves.

DynaQuip has many platform style valves with handles to allow for manual operation (and low cost) design now with the ease of upgrading later. Given the cost and downtime associated with piping control valves into a live system, a little foresight now will help to future proof your application.

Electric actuators and valve automation designs lead our drive as we focus on the products of tomorrow

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DynaQuip's historical expertise has always been rooted in the design, development and manufacture of durable flow control and fluid connector products for fluid power applications. Today however, our product lines and design expertise have grown to include electric actuators, electronic actuator controls, automated ball valves, automated butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, manual ball valves and butterfly valves.

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