Gortrac ARS Long Travel System for Cable Carriers

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Articulating Roller Support (ARS) Long Travel System
A Long Travel Solution for Plastic Carriers that Eliminates Guide Troughs
Dynatect’s ARS Long Travel Support System is the evolution of 50 years of experience. Its unique, patented design adds articulating rollers that are positioned to support a standard plastic carrier and provide travels up to 300 feet without a guide trough

For comparably sized systems, the ARS Long Travel Support System features:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TOC)
  • Eliminates up to 50% of the force required to push and pull in most applications
  • Up to 2X travel than any other roller solution without a guide trough
  • 50% less average installation time than long travel systems with guide troughs
  • Priced typically 10% less than long travel systems with guide troughs
  • Capable of operating speeds up to 5 feet per second
  • Reduces retracted storage area
  • Allows for greater acceleration than traditional gliding long travel solutions
  • Significantly improves safety factors in high-tow-force applications
  • Eliminates up to 20% of the weight of a combined plastic carrier and trough in most applications


Dynatect (formerly A&A Manufacturing) delivers custom motion and protection for machines with deep application knowledge, diverse product offering, and a customer responsive sales philosophy. Dynatect provides engineering and manufacturing for custom applications which improve human-machine safety and machine uptime. We continue to build our customer experience through improving service differentiation, expanding product portfolio, and reducing lead times.

The name comes from the words 'dynamic' and 'protection' because it is the accumulation of over 70 years of experience producing flexible protection for equipment in motion.

Dynatect Advantages & Capabilities

Why Dynatect?

  • Broad network of 50+ local factory-trained representatives offer onsite support, technical advice and recommendations
  • Speak directly to application specialists to receive upfront design assistance
  • Fast delivery of customized products, from concept to application
  • We will design and manufacture a turnkey engineered assembly (and one-time projects are not a problem!)
  • Access to new solutions for your industry, thanks to our active product research and development programs
  • Access to a broad range of materials including metal, engineered plastics, elastomers, and over 120 specialty textiles
  • Dynatect has the largest portfolio of protective covers, and is the only North American manufacturer of both plastic and metallic cable carriers
  • We can meet your needs from standard offerings to custom-engineered products configured around your application
  • Regular repeat orders? Dynatect has kanban and JIT programs to ensure reliable delivery with minimal inventory



  • Laser and waterjet cutting
  • Horizontal and vertical machining
  • Precision grinding
  • Precision bending
  • Thermoset extruding
  • Automotive-grade painting
  • Welding (metal and thermoplastics)
  • Sewing
  • Spring winding
  • Assembly and finishing (buffing, painting, plating)
  • Custom molding of plastics (injection, compression, transfer, RIM, hot cast)
  • Ball screw and metal way cover repair and refurbishment


Design and Engineering

  • 2D and 3D design from engineering, to approval, to manufacturing
  • Automated CAD-to-CAM processes
  • R&D, design, and reverse engineering
  • Leading-edge testing capabilities
  • Free web conferencing service to quickly assemble a design team to facilitate engineered solutions