Product Announcement from Dyoptyka



A free space optical system for illumination of a rectangular area with homogenized intensity distribution with reduced add/or controlled speckle contrast. Speckle contrast ratio measurements are dependent on many parameters in the apparatus used, e.g. illumination and/or projection lens f/#, camera lens f/#, camera sensor pixel size etc.

By clicking My Input , you can provide us with parameters that are critical in your operating environment. Or put your questions to our Engineers for feedback. A brochure including some technical specification , is available to download here


Before and after images demonstrating Dyoptyka's AST-ILM module in a polarisation-preserving configuration using diffractive optical elements (DOEs) to achieve beam shaping and intensity homogenisation, illuminating a rough surface (lined paper) of about 150x150mm. Camera exposure period was 20ms. Camera lens f/# was 4.7. (right click to enlarge)

Dyoptyka is an optical systems Research, Development and Commercialization company. Our Dynamic Optics technology offers disruptive improvements to optical systems in a variety of different applications. We are commercializing this technology across a range of industrial, medical, scientific and consumer markets. Applications include:

  • Microscopy
  • Metrology
  • Interferometry
  • Photo-lithography
  • DMD, LCoS and HTPS projection display
  • Scanning-beam projection display


Thanks to the very positive customer response to our Specklefree™ evaluation modules, we have accelerated the development and manufacture of production modules that are more compact, more re-configurable to suit different application requirements, and more suited to low-volume product integration. We are pleased to announce the availability for sale of two optical modules, in two different sizes, based on our patent-pending anti-speckle technologies.

These modules are suited to illumination, display, structured light metrology, interferometry, and other applications. We can also undertake feasibility studies for customers and we offer design services based on our deep understanding of the speckle problems arising in different applications.