3274 Series Miniature Accelerometer With TEDS

Featured Product from Dytran Instruments, Inc.

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The Dytran series 3274 is an ultra miniature high frequency IEPE accelerometer with TEDS capabilities.

Units have an overall height of just 0.24-inches (6.1-millimeters), weigh just 2 grams, and are ideal for the measurement of shock and vibration of very small, lightweight objects such as printed circuit boards and board mounted components.

Offered with a sensitivity of 5 mV/g, 10 mV/g and 25 mV/g the series 3274 features a quartz shear sensing element, packaged in a lightweight, teardrop titanium housing. Designed for an adhesive mount, the Dytran series 3274 has an upper frequency response of 10,000 Hz. Due to their low mass and high crystal stiffness, units have a resonant frequency of >40 kHz, allowing them to be used to measure high frequency vibration with very little error.

The series 3274 utilizes a specially designed 3-56 coaxial connector, mating with a 3-foot (0.9-meter) replaceable coaxial cable and terminating to a 10-32 jack. Units are hermetically sealed for reliable operation in high humidity environments, as well as case isolated to avoid EMI/ground loop interference.


  • Titanium
  • Hermetic
  • IEPE
  • Case isolated
  • Ultra miniature teardrop design
  • TEDS capabilities


  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Modal analysis
  • Product response testing
  • High frequency vibration applications