3316 Series High Temperature Accelerometer

Featured Product from Dytran Instruments, Inc.

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The Dytran series 3316 is an ultra high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer, designed to reliably operate in temperatures up to +1000°F (+538°C) with charge mode capabilities.

Featuring a unique single crystal charge mode sensing element mounted in a hermetically sealed, miniature Inconel™ housing, series 3316 utilizes the latest in planar shear technology. In order to operate at such high temperatures, series 3316 was designed with a unique, Dytran patented feature. Units employ a "Silver Window™" on the top cover of the accelerometer housing, which provides oxygen access to the crystal at high temperatures while maintaining the unit's hermetic sealing.

The Dytran series 3316 weighs between 6 and 13 grams and has a minituare design, making it ideal for use in locations inaccessible to other types of accelerometers. Offered with a sensitivity between 0.5 and 2 pC/g and up to a 10,000 Hz upper frequency response, the series 3316 has a 5-40 or 10-32 tapped hole and 10-32 radial connector. Some models are available with an adhesive mount and integral cable. (Exact sensitivity is provided on the calibration certificate supplied with each sensor.)