Model 4010 Signal Conditioner

Featured Product from Dytran Instruments, Inc.

The Dytran model 4010 is a µprocessor controlled, 3-channel DC signal conditioner amplifier designed for use with bridge-type or differential output accelerometers and pressure sensors for a variety of general purpose laboratory testing applications. Units incorporate a variable gain adjustment, shunt calibration capability and multiple excitation level settings.

A µprocessor SLEEP mode is utilized to eliminate high frequency clock noise and their associated harmonics. The µprocessor WAKES momentarily to acknowledge front panel switch depressions then goes to SLEEP immediately afeeter processing and executing the requested function. This allows the amplifiers to operate within minimum self generated noise and provides clean, clock free signals.

The Dytran model 4010 incorporates dual 12-bit DAC's for each channel, to auto-zero the input and output amplifiers for DC input signals. Input signals with magnitudes of ±10 VDC can be zeroed. A unique output DAC trimming routine allows trimming the output zero within ±1 mVDC.

The transducer excitation supplies are individually adjustable for each channel from 0.00 to 12.00 VDC. Any setting above 12.00 VDC will generate an excitation voltage of 12.10 VDC. The outputs are short circuit protected and can supply up to 30 mA each. Remote sense leads are provided to eliminate errors caused by long cables lengths.