Series 7576A 6DoF Motion Sensor

Featured Product from Dytran Instruments, Inc.

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The new series 7576A sensors from Dytran Instruments is a fully analog six degree of freedom (6DOF) sensor containing three VC MEMS-based single-axis accelerometers as well as three MEMS-based gyros. The sensor will provide the end-user X, Y, Z acceleration (g's) as well as rotational information (roll, pitch, yaw expressed in degrees/sec) around those three orthogonal axes. The series offers multiple sensitivity ranges and provides our end users with a highly capable, cost-effective, small size 6DOF sensor for a myriad of sensing applications.

The sensors produce a single analog output per measurement channel. Six measuring channels are available for X, Y, and Z directions (acceleration and rotation rate output per axis). The series features improved electrical noise performance and enhanced frequency response. Units are packaged in a compact, lightweight, rugged, titanium, hermetically sealed housing for harsh environment survival. 


  • Accel sensitivity (mV/g): 470, 235, 78.33, 11.75, 1175
  • Accel range: ±2g, ±5g, ±10g, ±30g, ±200g
  • Gyro sensitivity (mV/°/sec): 25, 12.5, 7, 0.1, 25
  • Accel. frequency ranges (±3dB) from: 0-1150 Hz to 0-3800 Hz
  • 55 grams



  • Six degrees of freedom from one sensor at one central location
  • Survives harsh environments
  • Variable capacitance response
  • Great bias stability
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Removable cable
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Titanium housing



  • Large machinery including industrial off-road
  • Playground surface investigation 
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Automotive safety
  • Aerospace testing
  • Ride and handling
  • Aircraft flight dynamics
  • Helicopter evaluation
  • Aircraft ground test
  • Amusement ride
  • Vehicle rollover


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