New Multi-Channel ADC Supporting up to 6.4GSps

Featured Product from Teledyne e2v

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Continuously pushing the performance envelope, Teledyne e2v introduces the EV12AQ605 12-bit quad-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC). A variation on the company’s popular EV12AQ600 ADC, this latest signal conditioning solution offers almost identical functionality, but at a lower price point that will appeal to high volume, cost-sensitive markets. The only key differences are the number of interleaving mismatch calibration settings saved on the one time programmable (OTP) memory and the temperature range supported (-40°C to +110°C, rather than the EV12AQ600’s -55°C to +125°C). As these ADCs are pin-to-pin compatible, engineers have a straightforward replacement path that doesn’t require alterations to existing EV12AQ600-based designs.