Series SWS - 2, High Pulse Load Resistors

Product Announcement from EBG RESISTORS LLC

Series SWS - 2, High Pulse Load Resistors-Image

High Pulse Load Resistors

Series SWS - 2

The SWS - 2 resistor is a low ohmic, high current pulse load resistor designed for usage as a protective resistor, where no further resistor cooling is available. As per DIN VDE 0123:1985 the SWS-2 resistor does not need any further maintenance if the resistor gets used according to the specified technical data. For safety reasons a regular visual inspection and check of ohmic value is suggested at least every 2 years, better once a year.

Because of using stainless steel material, a long life expectancy is also part of the advantages for this resistor version. The very easy handling of the SWS -2 will be another advantage for applications where service is requested!