Electron Beam Welding

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Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam Welding joins ferrous metals, light metals, precious metals, and alloys, to themselves or each other:

• Multi-axis EB control
• High ratio of depth-to-width
• Maximum penetration with minimal distortion
• Exceptional weld strength
• Ability to weld components up to 10 feet in diameter
• High precision and repeatability with virtually 0% scrap
• Versatility from .002" depth to 3.00" depth of penetration

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  • 25KW Output Typical Autogeneous (no filler added) Weld Spikes
  • Electron Beam Welding Facts

Electron Beam Welding Advantages:

• Maximum amount of weld penetration with the least amount of heat input reduces distortion
• Electron beam welding often reduces the need for secondary operations
• Repeatability is achieved through electrical control systems
• A cleaner, stronger and homogeneous weld is produced in a vacuum
• The electron beam machine's vacuum environment eliminates atmospheric contaminates in the weld
• Exotic alloys and dissimilar materials can be welded
• Extreme precision due to CNC programming and magnification of operator viewing
• Electron beam welding frequently yields a 0% scrap rate
• The electron beam process can be used for salvage and repair of new and used components

Electron Beam Welding Speeds/Depth of Penetration

Electron Beam Welding Limitations:

• The necessity of an electron beam welding vacuum chamber limits the size of the workpiece — EBTEC's maximum chamber size is 11' 4" wide x 9' 2" high x 12' deep


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How an Electron Beam Machine Works:

The EB system is composed of an electron beam gun, a power supply, control system, motion equipment and vacuum welding chamber. Fusion of base metals eliminates the need for filler metals. The vacuum requirement for operation of the electron beam equipment eliminates the need for shielding gases and fluxes.

Electron Beam Welder:

The electron beam gun has a tungsten filament which is heated, freeing electrons. The electrons are accelerated from the source with high voltage potential between a cathode and anode. The stream of electrons then pass through a hole in the anode. The beam is directed by magnetic forces of focusing and deflecting coils. This beam is directed out of the gun column and strikes the workpiece.

The potential energy of the electrons is transferred to heat upon impact of the workpiece and cuts a perfect hole at the weld joint. Molten metal fills in behind the beam, creating a deep finished weld.

The electron beam stream and workpiece are manipulated by means of precise, computer driven controls, within a vacuum welding chamber, therefore eliminating oxidation, contamination.

Huge Electron Beam Welding Chamber Capabilities:

EBTEC can assist you with all of your large electron beam welding needs.

With a 25KW power supply, this chamber is uniquely capable of deep welding requirements on huge applications up to 10 feet in diameter.

Please call us for additional discussion of the capability of this machine.