Customized UV Brewster Windows

Featured Product from ECOPTIK (CHANGCHUN) LTD

Customized UV Brewster Windows -Image

Brewster Windows are designed to present a circular profile when oriented at Brewster’s angle (55.57°). Brewster Windows feature laser grade surface quality and parallelism, in addition to limiting transmitted wavefront distortion to λ/10. When used at 55.57°, these windows minimize the loss of P-polarized light, ideal for use within laser cavities and for producing linearly polarized light.

Specifications :

  • Material : Fused Silica 
  • Diameter :6mm ,8mm ,13mm 16mm 20mm etc (custom )
  • Brewster angle :55°32‘@633nm etc (custom )
  • Parallelism :<5 arcmin
  • Scratch-Dig:10-5

Typical Applications 

  • Laser Cavities
  • series as polarizers
  • to clean up a partially polarized beam

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Rose Cao