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Silicon lenses are normally used in the 2-7µm range, ideal element for IR LED applications, high thermal conductivity and low weight are considered as critical features in boeth IR and FTIR systems with refractive index 3.4 throughout the range. Silicon windows can be used as high reflectivity mirror for lasers and IR viewports, please refer to ourSilicon Windows for more information.


  • Wavelength Range of 1.2 - 7μm
  • Low Density and Dispersion
  • Focal Lengths of 25 – 250mm Available
  • Additional Infrared Lenses Available in Popular Substrates


  • Material :Silicon
  • Diameter : 2-200mm
  • Diameter tolerance :+/-0.01-+/-0.1mm
  • Surface quality :80/50 -10/5
  • Surface accuracy :2λ-λ/4
  • Centration :3 arcmin-30arcsec
  • Coating : as per customer’s request

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