UV Fused Silica Meniscus Lenses

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UV Fused Silica Meniscus Lenses-Image

Negative meniscus (convex-concave) lenses, which are thinner in the middle than at the edges and cause light rays to diverge, are designed to minimize third-order spherical aberration. When used to diverge light, as shown in the diagram above, the convex surface should face the beam to minimize spherical aberration. They are often used in conjunction with other lenses to increase the focal length, and therefore decrease the numerical aperture (NA), of an optical assembly.


  • Available Uncoated or with a UV AR Coating for the 245 - 400 nm Range
  • Focal Lengths Available from -100.0 to -1000.0 mm
  • Material from UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Surface Power: 3λ/2 etc
  • Surface Irregularity: λ/4 ,λ/8

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