Crystal Growth & Furnace Crucibles

Product Announcement from Elmet Technologies, Inc.

Crystal Growth & Furnace Crucibles-Image

Elmet has been delivering crucibles for crystal growth for many years to the leading furnace OEMs and crystal growers across the globe. The corrosion resistance, creep resistance, and high temperature performance of Molybdenum and Tungsten make these materials ideal for use in crystal growth processes such as in growing sapphire. Elmet provides a variety of crucibles for sapphire growth furnaces along with many other components for these furnaces.

  • Pressed and Sintered Crucible
    • Powder is pressed and sintered to final shape geometries to meet the requirements of each furnace design
  • Mechanically Formed Crucibles
    • Material blanks are formed to the specified product geometry
  • Milled Crucibles
    • Material blanks are machined to the final product geometries

Increasing Quality, Yield, and Throughput

Elmet works closely with leading furnace OEMs and crystal growers across the globe to continually improve the yield and throughput of their growth process through improved crucible design. As a result, Elmet is on the leading edge of crucible manufacture and fabrication. Contact us to help address the challenges in improving your current and next generation growth processes.


Given our position as a well-established manufacturer of Mo and W products for over 80 years, Elmet offers a stable partner and supply of product to our customers that enable them to achieve their aggressive growth targets and capture marketshare as competitors struggle to deliver.