Incandescent and Halogen Filaments

Product Announcement from Elmet Technologies, Inc.

Incandescent and Halogen Filaments-Image

These wire filaments are the light source for incandescent and halogen lamps. There are thousands of filament designs which have been developed over time based on changing lamp technology and lighting requirements, and new designs are being developed in the lighting industry on a daily basis. Such filaments vary with respect to many parameters such as basic coil type (single coil or coiled coil), bulb shape, gas fill, service life and lumen output.

Elmet coil engineering personnel have wide experience in wire filament design and welcome customer inquiries. A check list made for developing specifications for incandescent tungsten filaments, halogen tungsten filaments and other lamp filaments is provided on their website to aid you, the customer, in defining their requirements.

In general, filament designations consist of a letter or letters to indicate how the wire is coiled, and an arbitrary number sometimes followed by a letter to indicate the arrangement of the filament on the supports. Prefix letters include C(coil) — wire is wound into a helical coil or it may be deeply fluted; and cc(coiled coil) — wire is wound into a helical coil and this coiled wire again wound into a helical coil. Some of the more commonly used types of filament arrangements are listed below:

CC6 Horizontal Mount CC with One Center Support
CC8 Vertical Mount CC with No Center Support
C9 Horizontal Mount SC with Multiple Center Support Wire
STK DBL Wound Electrode for Fluorescent Application
TRIP TPL Wound Electrode for Fluorescent Application