Quartz and Special Glass

Product Announcement from Elmet Technologies, Inc.

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Elmet Technologies is the exclusive North American representative for Philips Quartz and Special Glass products produced by Philips Lighting of Holland, a member of the Philips family of companies. Philips develops and manufacturers a wide range of Quartz, Special Glass and Glass Pellets products used in a multitude of lighting and other applications.

Philips Lighting is a world class provider of Quartz, Special Glasses and Pellets for technical, industrial, and lighting applications. Applications for their products currently include water disinfection, semiconductor, chemical sensors, specialty optics and glass-art. Working jointly with Philips, Elmet Technologies is able to deliver a combined organizational focus, characterized by customer dedication and added value solutions to our customers.

Elmet Technologies is also the exclusive global representative for Philips Lighting lead, soda lime, and borosilicate glass products produced by Philips in North America.

Lead Silicate Glass

Glass tubing is a key component used in the lighting industry. Elmet Technologies supplies glass tubing products in a variety of diameters used for neon signs and as flare and exhaust tubes for lamp production and other lighting industry products. Contact them with your specific requirement.

Soda Lime Glass

Elmet Technologies is a supplier of high speed ribbon machine glass bulbs and shapes for the lighting industry and ornament industries. Soda lime cullet is also available and is often used in the fiberglass industry.

Borosilicate Hard Glass

Elmet Technologies has borosilicate glass available in PAR 38 pressed lens and reflector types. Please contact them to learn more about additional details.