Product Announcement from Elmet Technologies, Inc.


Tungsten possesses a number of unique properties. Among them is its melting point of 3410° C. In addition, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity as well as low vapor pressure at high temperatures. Such properties make tungsten metal a candidate for use as a high performance material in a variety of high temperature products and processes. Its most widespread use is for filaments in incandescent light bulbs. In spite of its characteristic of oxidizing easily when heated in air, tungsten metal is widely utilized as a heating element material in industrial furnaces which have inert or a reducing hydrogen atmosphere. Its resistance to thermal shock and corrosion provide advantages in the production of evaporation sources in vacuum metallizing operations.

Because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion, similar to that of silicon, tungsten is often used to produce heat sinks for silicon diode chips. In such a construction, the silicon can be safely bonded to the tungsten and the assembly will remain intact throughout thermal cycling. Hard glass sleeves used to encapsulate such diodes also capitalize on tungsten's unique coefficient of thermal expansion, permitting production of hermetically sealed assemblies.

Elmet produces pure and potassium doped tungsten rod and wire products utilizing powder metallurgy technology. The potassium doped product (Elmet's WK type) is targeted for use where high temperature non-sag wire properties are required in the lighting and electronic industries. In addition, the doped product in the rod form exhibits superior strength and machinability in other industrial applications.

Elmet Technologies offers a pure molybdenum metal powder with an average particle size of 4-5 microns and mesh of minus 250. This powder primarily is used to press ingots that are employed in the manufacture of rod, sheet, plate, and near net shape products. In addition, metal powder is also used in the production of various surface coatings.