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Dynamics » Impact Testing
The Impact Test is designed to ensure that containers and packages can withstand the abuse that occurs during shipping and handling. During shipping packages can be dropped, bumped, and bounced around in the back of a truck, or in a train car during coupling. Whether a simple drop test or a massive rail impact, at E-Labs we can test your containers so you can be sure that your product arrives intact.

We cover several MIL standards and ASTM standards for impact testing.

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About E-Labs
E-Labs is a Full Service Testing Laboratory that offers our customers access to our state of the art facilities and knowledgeable personnel. Our personnel have over 70 years combined laboratory experience with disciplines for aerospace, automotive, military, commercial, utility, electronics and IT industries.

At E-Labs, we perform Climatic Testing for issues such as Temperature, Humidity, Salt Fog, Sand and DustImmersion Testing and more. We also offer full EMI and EMC Testing, andDynamics Testing such as Mechanical Shock, Lightweight Hammer Shock, Transportation, and Vibration Testing. Special testing such as explosive atmosphere, high pressure, high vacuum, Helium leak detection and fungus are also performed at our facility.

E-Labs offers simulation services from cradle to grave, from concept to analysis, test planning, fixture design and fabrication consulting to testing in the lab. We can help develop Qualification, Acceptance and Reliability test plans for your product as well. E-labs has two facilities with a combined floor space of over 30 thousand square feet with the ability to remotely perform hazardous testing among others.

With our capabilities, we can help you determine the durability and life expectancy of your product. Whether it be a sub-component or finished product, we can help determine if it meets your expectations, or where improvements can be made. Whether you want to compare your product to the competition, or try out a new concept, we can help.

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