Combirex DX CNC Plasma Shape Cutting Machine

Product Announcement from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Combirex DX CNC Plasma Shape Cutting Machine-Image

The Combirex DX cuts material thicknesses up to 8 inches thick with oxy-fuel. The maximum cutting width with one torch is 10 feet.
Up to four torches can be installed on a machine configured strictly for oxy-fuel cutting. Gas cutting operations are fully automated thanks to automatic torch ignitors, torch height control, and proportional valve gas controls.
With just one torch you can exploit the full range of plasma cutting performance. Dry or on a water table - both options are available. The automatic gas control allows effortless switching between plasma marking and cutting. Choose your current source according to your needs and upgrade it later. For stainless steel and aluminum, water injection plasma ensures the highest possible cut quality with minimum cost.

  • 3 Axis Gantry with Rack-and-Pinion Drives
  • Reinforced Box Beam Design Provides a Solid, Precision Platform For the Cutting Tool
  • Precision Linear Rail Y-Axis Guide Way For Greater Accuracy
  • Trucks are Machined and Welded, with Oversized Wheel Bearings for Increased Stability and Accuracy
  • Machined Mating Surfaces for high stiffness and accuracy
  • ESAB's Vision CNC, Windows® based, Networkable, with Color LCD
  • Digital AC Drive Amplifiers for years of maintenance free operation
  • AC Brushless Motors for wide speed range with accurate speed control
  • Precision Heavy-Duty Gearboxes for accuracy and smooth motion
  • Maximum Machine Speed: 1000 ipm (25000 mm/min)
  • Cross Axis Powertrack Hose & Cable Carriers
  • Suitable for material up to 6" thick (150 mm) standard
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- .010", Repeatability: +/- .005"
  • Precision drive rack mounted directly to machined surface for precise rack alignment
  • Heavy Duty H-Beam Rail Supports
  • Triple Machined T-Rail System for Accuracy and Durability