OK AristoRod MIG Wires

Product Announcement from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

OK AristoRod MIG Wires-Image

ESAB's AristoRod family of MIG wires has unique properties for high-performance mechanized or robotic welding. This dependable, high-efficiency wire will help reduce your overall welding costs and deliver clearly measurable performance and efficiency enhancements in your welding operations.

A uniquely engineered surface produces consistent, trouble-free feeding without clogging of liners, low contact tip wear, excellent arc start properties, extremely low spatter, and an exceptionally stable arc at very high welding currents.

These properties translate directly into less downtime for maintenance of the welding system and a superb weld appearance with minimal post-weld cleaning. AristoRod gives you the best choice available to reduce your overall welding costs, while delivering high quality and dependable production welding - time and again.