Aircraft Operating on Contaminated Runway Surfaces

Product Announcement from IHS ESDU

Analysis of Aircraft Operating on Contaminated Runway Surfaces

Data for the performance of aircraft operating on contaminated runway surfaces have been analysed extensively, resulting in the production of a number of ESDU methodologies.

The statistical analyses conducted comprise a significantly wider range of data than considered elsewhere.

ESDU 05011 comprises a summary of a mathematical model that can be used to analyse the retarding forces acting on an aircraft tyre that operates on a dry or contaminated runway surface.  ESDU 11004 extends the application of the model to a complete aircraft undercarriage.

More recently, Data Items listed below were issued which demonstrate the practical implementation of these mathematical models.

-          ESDU 10002 describes how to use the mathematical models, considers regulations for contaminated runway operations, and describes the difficulties that operations on such runways pose.

-          ESDU 10003 is an application of the mathematical model from ESDU 05011 to an aircraft tyre that is operating on dry and various contaminated runway surfaces.

-          ESDU 10004 demonstrates how to use the mathematical model to determine the depth of a contaminant covering a runway surface based on measurements made by a ground-test machine that operates on the said runway.  Such information could then be implemented in performance modelling for an aircraft that is about to operate on the runway.

-          ESDU 13002 is an analysis of an aircraft that operates in a braked state on a water-covered runway.  The mathematical model from ESDU 11004 is implemented to determine the decelerating forces acting on the aircraft’s tyres.