IHS ESDU launches an exciting new 'app' feature

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Product Announcement

IHS ESDU is excited in launching a new feature to its vast range of data capabilities - 'The Toolbox App'

ESDU provides essential design methods and software for the aerospace, defence, transportation, energy and related industries. These methods and software are produced and rigorously validated with the collective knowledge of hundreds of engineers from around the world.

Listed below is the first of the three applications that perform various engineering calculations.

These apps are freely available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike, try it out and see for yourself.

Flight Sciences

International Standard Atmosphere app

This app determines, at a specified pressure altitude in the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), absolute and relative values of pressure, temperature and density together with the absolute values of the speed of sound, kinematic and dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity. It also determines VTAS, VEASM, kinetic pressure and unit Reynolds number for a specified Mach number at the given pressure altitude. Calculations are limited to the troposphere and stratosphere.