ESPEC offers rentals - Qualmark Non-Nitrogen HALT

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ESPEC rents our most popular chambers for short-term use, when purchasing a chamber isn’t practical, or the need is urgent.

 Qualmark Non-Nitrogen HALT

 New Qualmark HALT system with ESPEC cascade refrigeration eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen (LN2), fusing mechanical refrigeration and repetitive-shock technologies for the ultimate combined testing environment to precipitate failures in a fraction of the time. 

 Temperature Range: -70 to 180°C
Avg Change Rate: 9° C/min
Repetitive Shock*: 5-40 gRMS
*bare table

Features for Rental Chambers

  • Rental periods of 1-12 months
  • Discounted rates, the longer the rental
  • Rental period of longer than six months will include a preventative maintenance visit by our technician
  • ESPEC standard parts and labor warranty terms will be in effect for the duration of the rental
  • Rental available only in the continental USA
  • See website product pages for model details.

Contact ESPEC for pricing and current availability.