Production Ready Accelerated Stress Test System

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QFusion® (patented) ushers in a new era of product reliability management during the manufacturing process. By fusing accelerated stress testing and Burn-in into one powerful system, ESPEC Qualmark has engineered breakthrough technology that incorporates the best of traditional and accelerated production stress screening.

Manufacturing advancements and the increasingly complex attributes of today’s electronic devices often require more robust test methods than those traditionally used in order to successfully detect flaws that can be introduced during the production process. And gone are the days where lengthy Burn-in cycles can be tolerated before fielding product. Business is happening faster than legacy test technology can accommodate. QFusion is designed to place the correct tool in the production facility for enabling faster and more effective monitoring of high-volume production of electrical and electromechanical products.

About Qfusion

First Ever Production Specific Accelerated Stress Test System
QFusion technology delivers advanced process screening capabilities not available in any other standard test chamber configuration. It introduces the first new design of accelerated stress test systems in 2 decades and is the first ever technology engineered specifically for performing HASS/HASA. QFusion’s patent pending design includes an OmniAxial Vibration System™ (OVS™) and an UltraRateV thermal system that can simultaneously expose product under test to vibration and temperatures at very rapid change rates.

QFusion technology packages 6 degree of freedom, repetitive shock vibration and rapid thermal ramp stresses in an extremely efficient, but surprisingly quiet system with a space-saving footprint half the size of typical HALT/HASS systems. Its unique 6 compartment configuration, using multiple, independent vibration tables, delivers consistent vibration stresses to all test positions. The uniform, high speed airflow from the high performance thermal system maintains thermal stability while radically reducing the time to reach and stabilize at set points.

Next Generation Burn-In
With QFusion, ESPEC Qualmark has also introduced the next generation of Burn-in technology — accelerated Burn-In. QFusion’s thermal performance can slash typical Burn-In cycle times by half and its ergonomic, multi table configuration provides fast loading/unloading cycles. QFusion Burn-In technology provides utility efficiencies that can significantly reduce costs — up to 40%-60%. One early adopter of QFusion technology was able to track utility savings that represented an annualized cost reduction of $1M.

QFusion includes the very latest in control software, QF Manager, which features an easy to understand user interface, cross control connectivity via TCP Ethernet protocol, and closed loop thermal and vibration control. QFusion provides maximum performance for driving out process induced faults and detecting inferior component substitutions that could otherwise turn up in the field as failures. It is the ultimate solution for accelerated and effective screening of production product.

QFusion™ Applications

QFusion technology was developed as a natural progression for the increasing number of Original Equipment Manufacturers/Original Design Manufacturers (OEM/ODM) seeking a faster, more effective approach to production testing. The manufacture of modern advanced electronics and their myriad packaging complexities, miniaturization and increasing density requires a more exacting test than those traditionally used in order to reveal the defects most likely to occur in today’s manufacturing process. This is true across a wide variety of industries – Automotive, Avionics, Consumer Electronics, Defense, Medical, Oil and Gas Exploration, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications. The manufacturing output of virtually any electronic or electromechanical product or component can be significantly enhanced with QFusion technology screening the process.

QFusion applies six degree of freedom (x,y,z and pitch, roll, yaw) vibration in conjunction with thermal cycling. This technology greatly accelerates the detection of process induced flaws and helps to significantly reduce infant mortalities. Additionally, QFusion provides dual capability in one system – accelerated stress testing and accelerated Burn-In - so where more traditional Burn-In testing is still a requirement, QFusion delivers results in a fraction of the time of legacy chambers and does so an efficiency that will noticeably reduce testing utility expense.

From “dishwashers to missiles” the ultimate result is a more reliable product with less warranty and field service expense which will not only improve the corporate bottom line but also help extend the reliability reputation across all brands.

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