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Increase System Uptime with CPC12 ControlPlex®

Featured Product from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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Expectations about product quality and system uptime are constantly increasing in the industrial and process control industry. The CPC12 bus controller is part of E-T-A's intelligent REX12D power distribution and protection system.The REX12D and REX22D electronic circuit protectors record status and measuring values for each load circuit and transmit them to the bus controller.

The CPC12 includes EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT and also has an additional Ethernet interface. The integral web server of the CPC12 bus controller allows direct access to the DC 24 V power distribution data. All measuring data and status information can be accessed without using the field bus interface. This is particularly beneficial for maintenance personnel, because required information is quickly available, either onsite or remotely, during initial start-up and in the event of a system shut-down. If the circuit protector trips, it can quickly be reset - which helps increase system uptime.

The REX12D modular power distribution system combined with the CPC12 bus controller will allow you to:

  • Maximize uptime with clear failure detection, system transparency, and remote diagnosis
  • Save space by reducing the width of circuit protectors and potential modules compared to other options on the market
  • Increase system flexibility with an entire portfolio of modules that allows designers to quickly adapt or expand systems based on new requirements

CPC12 ControlPlex® System Modules

EM12-T supply module
The CPC12 ControlPlex® system provides the ideal combination of transparency and compact design. Up to 40 A can be fed into the supply module. Power is distributed via the REX connection technology connector arm which connects circuit protectors without additional accessories. This innovative technology reduces wiring time and eliminates time-consuming disassembly of busbars in the event of replacement or system extension.

CPC12 Bus Controller
The CPC12 bus controller is connected to and supplied by the EM12-T supply module. In addition, it has a separate DC 24 V power supply that independently supplies the circuit protectors. The bus controller records all status information and measuring values of the circuit protectors. The data is visualized with the internal web server. Via the field bus interface, the data are also made available at the main control systems.

REX12D and REX22D Circuit Protectors
The REX12D and REX22D electronic circuit protectors were developed specifically for machine construction and process control. Both versions meet the requirements for these industrial areas. The device current ratings are fixed or adjustable. This can be done with a slide switch directly at the device or via the digital interface and therefore, via the connected control unit. All important information for each channel, such as status, current load current and warning messages are transmitted.

PM12-T Potential Module
The PM12-T potential distribution modules of the REX system can be easily divided into two main groups. In the same system, in addition to the +DC 24 V distribution, the minus distribution 0 V (GND) can also be realised. The slim modules save space and enable direct assignment of the power distribution in a system. The direct assignment can be easily and functionally displayed in the respective ePlan and supports wiring and troubleshooting.