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Power Entry Modules Increase Design Flexibility

Featured Product from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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Systematically reducing components can help you design more cost-effective equipment, increase the overall reliability, and save space. E-T-A’s power entry modules combine up to five functions in a single component: a C14/C20 appliance inlet, resettable overcurrent protection, an ON/OFF switch, a line filter and an optional undervoltage release, remote trip or auxiliary switch.

Compared to standard connector modules with fuses the E-T-A power entry modules are equipped with resettable circuit breakers. After an overcurrent trip they can be reset quickly, reliably and easily. Time-consuming fuse replacement is eliminated. Thanks to screw mounting, E-T-A power entry modules have a firm and robust fit in the housing and can thus withstand even high pull-out forces of power cables without any problems.

The new power entry modules will help you:

  • Reduce assembly and wiring effort (up to 90 %!)
  • Reduce material planning and stock keeping costs
  • Increase equipment uptime: Quickly and easily reset circuit breakers
  • Eliminate time-consuming fuse replacement
  • Reduce operational costs: No expenses for procurement, inventory management and service for fuses
  • Enhance safety: multipole circuit breakers reliably interrupt the current-carrying phase conductor in the event of a fault. This prevents electric shocks.