SCS200 – CAN Based Intelligent Power Distribution

Featured Product from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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The demand for smarter, technology based vehicles continues to increase the number of loads to monitor and protect within the power architecture.

The SCS200 is a compact pcb-based intelligent power distribution system in an IP67 enclosure, allowing decentralized control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus. The plug-and-play solution will help you reduce space and wiring time. Diagnostic capabilities (load current, voltage, load protection, status and configurable current rating and delay on/off) integral CAN connection increase reliability and facilitate connectivity at the same time.

Integrating E-T-A's SCS200 intelligent Power distribution system into your vehicle will allow you to:

  • Increase uptime and targeted troubleshooting: The SCS200 provides diagnostic data via the CAN bus that allows the controller to implement predictive maintenance.
  • Save space: Offers high power density in small package. Depending on vehicle requirements it can also help reduce the total number of nodes required within the power distribution architecture.
  • Reduce wiring: The decentralized CAN based design reduces the overall amount of wire required and the labor hours to install it into the vehicle.
  • Install the system anywhere: With the IP166/IP67 housing, designers can mount the SCS200 anywhere in the vehicle/equipment - Even in areas facing the harshest environmental factors.
  • Design more robust equipment: The power semi-conductor version is not susceptible to vibration and shock and has a tamper proof enclosure - making the equipment safer and more reliable.