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Save Space with Smart Power Distribution Modules

Featured Product from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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The demand for smarter, technology based vehicles continues to increase the number of loads to monitor and protect within the power architecture. This increase, in addition to the need for data transmission between single devices, quickly leads to large, heavy, and complex cable harnesses.

The SCS3000 and SCS1000 are extremely compact power distribution systems with integrated logic. These modules combine multiple logic functions into one very small package and are ideal for upgrades, fleet modernizations, retrofits and projects that require high performance power distribution in a small package size.

Integrating E-T-A's SCS1000/3000 smart high performance power distribution modules into your vehicle will allow you to:

  • Increase vehicle safety and uptime: The SCS1000 and 3000 allows soft-start and in-rush handling for advanced load management and provides data via the CAN bus which can be used to implement predictive maintenance.
  • Save space: Offers high power density and multiple logic functions in an extremely compact module
  • Take control of your system: Configure the SCS1000 and SCS3000 to meet your specific requirements through a graphic programming environment
  • Design more robust and flexible equipment: Designed with power semiconductor technology and an IP67 housing, the SCS1000 and SCS3000 can be installed anywhere in the vehicle and can withstand even the most demanding environmental factors.