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Transportation Relays For All Vehicle Applications

Featured Product from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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E-T-A is excited to introduce new relay technology to its product portfolio. These products are available as stand alone products and also are ideal for designing in to E-T-A's custom Power Solutions products.

Solid State Relays:

The solid state relay portfolio is used in all applications where mechanical relays reach their limits. They combine high-end power semi-conductors with comprehensive know how in heat management, EMC-compliant design and overcurrent protection. The solid state relay's electronic circuitry ensures wear-free, noiseless and extremely fast operation and thus full operational readiness over the vehicle's entire typical life. 

Special Relays:

The special relays are used in all applications where mechanical relays reach their limits. Their special functions are suitable for applications such as controlling electric motors, switching on and off powerful loads via momentary switch, up to controlling windscreen wipers or on-board voltages. These special relays are often used for vehicle retrofits or reworks.

Multifunctional Relays:

The multifunctional relays can be used as an alternative to standard automotive relays, as the software allows many customer-specific adjustments, e.g. frequency and voltage monitoring, pulse output or off and on switching of loads. In addition, these relays can perform functions that would otherwise haveto be performed by a control unit. 

Timer Relays:

The portfolio of mechanical timer relays covers exact time settings (MTR10), adjustable versions (MTR20), and also units with position switch including flexible time adjustment (MTR30). The ETR10 electronic version also has a protective function. Timer relays control pumps, valves or motors, which are meant to run on or stay open for a defined period of time. You can easily integrate an ON or OFF delay without having to change the software of the control units.